Ink will~flow across the pages. Words escape their cages.

192fd3dcf1405fc30841006fe4ef5f95_me-spilt-ink-clipart_283-151We provide good, old-fashioned, tailor-made words; crafted together into sentences that run on to find their way into paragraphs. And before you know it, those paragraphs will tell a story about who you are and why the work you do is so important to your community.

Our goal at is to work with good friends on cool projects that make a difference in our community. We’re looking to lend a hand in socially responsible businesses, for-purpose organizations, in academia and with progressive causes. We’d like to contribute our writing skills and public speaking talents on your behalf; providing well researched, individualized, customized content, delivered with a specific call-to-action to your audiences.

We invite you to spend some time here on our site and get to know us. Our modus operandi at goes well beyond ho-hum communication consulting as we become a part of your team, believing in and advocating for your cause as if it were our own. Because it will be. If you like what you see here, we look forward to learning about you, your organization and how your good work is changing lives. Contact us today.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of oft-disjointed content on a myriad of topics. I always try to put my ADD to good use. Hopefully, some scribblings you will like, and likely, some you will not. Life is like that. In either case, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your visit. Y’all come back now, ya’hear? ~ WF