Hey, you know, not for nothing … 3 freakin’ million more votes, okay?

Yes, I understand the Electoral College and yes, I admit he won the EC. But don’t give me this mandate crap or the “this is what the American people want” bullshit. No. Do not. Three, count ’em, almost three million more people voted for Secretary Clinton than Mr. Trump. Facts. Pesky goddamn facts. So yes, victory, without a doubt. That’s how the system is presently constructed. But a groundswell of support? A populist mandate? No. The result of a 18th century mechanism decided to limit the power of the people has turned the concept a full 180 and stood it on its poor little head. Two of the last three inhabitants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have entered the office with less votes than their opponent. Vice President Gore won the popular vote by 54,0520 votes (Bush: 50,456,062 Gore: 50,996,582), losing 5-4 in the Supreme Court along party lines. Secretary Clinton won by 2,864,974 votes (Trump: 62,979,636 Clinton: 65,844,610).


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