You Know Who I Am

Known for the large “wadds” of $100  ­bills he always carried, the west side boss of the Devil’s Diciples [sic] in Detroit, Wadd testified against his nephew in the brutal murders of a family in Livonia, Michigan. In motorcycle clubs, cooperation with authorities, even to bring child-­killers to justice, is seen as being a “snitch” –­­ as having betrayed your colors. The reluctant hero who was forced to leave Detroit, the man who did the right thing at the cost of his marriage and those “wadds” of $100 bills, we’re writing his story in “You Know Who I Am”. Though our marketing efforts, Wadd appeared on WDIV ­TV Detroit on the 10th anniversary of the murders; as a guest on a nationally syndicated radio show discussing the Virginia Tech murders; and was featured on an episode of The History Channel’s “Gangland” series. (see Gangland Devils Diciples, DDMC Detroit, Michigan Full Documentary for the Billy Wadd story)


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