Guiding Principles

The Centresa mission is to provide the means and mechanisms by which a liberal, progressive philosophy can change individual lives as well as impacting the community in which we live.

Become the change we want to see in the world. Change small communities. Change the world.

Centresa’s mission is to support individuals with knowledge and resources to make changes in our personal lives that reflect and are in alignment with our beliefs. This will include databases that define and discuss the things of everyday life. As examples, only scratching the surface – socially responsible investments, how to recycle electronics, living a simple life of abundance, etc. Other subjects will extend the individual’s reach into the community – how to run for local political office, how to organize a grassroots campaign, organizing a river clean up day, etc.

Define the future we will make in terms understandable to a 21st century populace.

All too often, progressives are playing defense as if we still lived in the 20th century. Clearly our traditional appeal to intellect and logic is lacking when we come up against the rightwing “don’t kill grandma” lie in the healthcare reform discussion. It is essential that we begin marketing liberal/progressive ideals, causes and lifestyles in a manner which will appeal to the mass audience. This means correctly framing the argument from the beginning. This means using new media effectively. It means creating the liberal/progressive brand.

Demonstrate the future. Put theory and advocacy into practice.

Theory is fine, well and good, but theory must be put into practice. People who make use of the articles, books, workshops, classes offered by Centresa will certainly demonstrate this concept. Centresa will also demonstrate our principals in everything we do. This will be evident in the way we light our offices, use technology, conduct workshops, and construct/maintain The Village. If we say that alternative energy is a good thing then we must do everything we can to incorporate alternative energy into the core of The Village. While we may not be perfect in our efforts, we will make a genuine effort.


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