Issues & Advocacy

  • Photos, audio/video, written accounts, all collected for each of the preceding workshops, classes and projects. Different perspectives, different interviews. Student intern journalists & bloggers. We document every step of the process. Re-purposed as class material, press releases, guidebook, etc.
  • Activities and events publicized to local media to demonstrate community action. Work with local political candidates; send “fact sheets” explaining what they need to do to support the community.
  • Inform members via Centresa media of any upcoming legislation that affects the topic member has indicated interest. Ask for volunteers, letter to editor campaigns, etc.
  • Utilize member database to mobilize by community, neighborhood, or cause. Information resources. New classes & workshops related to topic.


The resources provided by CENTRESA are at issue driven. In some ways, this is a monthly magazine (e.g. Utne Reader or Mother Jones) that has a large amount of content associated with a particular issue. Topics will be as wide-ranging and far-flung as the human condition. So it’s gonna take us a minute or two to work through the gamut. Members may access this information in addition to electing to receive updates, calls to action, etc. on any given topic. Several methods including (as examples):

  • Registering your congressional district and subject interest areas. Receiving notices when the legislature in your state is going to vote on a bill increasing the tax on fossil fuels.
  • Receiving notices (opt-in) from approved advertisers when there is going to be a sale on solar panels.
  • Late breaking news (legislative votes, boycotts, other calls to action)  by location and/or interest areas.



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