Our Code of Ethics

The purpose here is to make sure we hold ourselves, each other, our employees, our advertisers and suppliers to the same high standards. Build in the ability to set goals and to provide for improvement over years. In order to do any kind of business with Centresa one must meet certain criteria. I don’t mean this to sound as elitist as it might. I’m envisioning (for example) a disclosure for provided to advertisers that includes quantifiable (carbon footprint, recycling, financial integrity, worker treatment, etc.) to the philosophy of the company. To advertise with Centresa (or to sell to us or to lease a shopping space), a company must complete the evaluation and have its score and answers posted. This posting will also include a trend line so that companies can improve over the years. Centresa will of course take the same evaluation. This should be as far-reaching as possible. Customers to the retail village, class participants, of course won’t be limited by having to pass any sort of litmus test but they should appreciate the fact that we are willing to do so for ourselves and our business partners.

  • Find and/or create socially responsibility measurement devices; publish score sheets on Centresa and our affiliates
  • Personal & household score sheets available for individuals
  • Develop code of ethics for all transactions, investments & interactions with others
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There’s no “it’s just business” allowed.
  • It’s not about being perfect. It’s about improving. Closing the gap between dream and reality.

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