Social Responsibility

Autonomous Corporate Structures. Insofar as possible, we believe that people tend to do their best and most creative work when they have a genuine responsibility and authority to create their personal work environment.

Fair & Equitable Commerce. We believe in giving and getting a good deal. Hell, a great deal. For everyone involved in the transaction; cradle-to-grave. That means we endeavor to learn something about everyone in the supply-chain. We consider the impact of our actions on our suppliers’ lives, their community, and their environment.

Respect for the Natural Environment. We believe it’s nothing more than cheap political shenanigans to construct a mutually-exclusive confrontation between “the economy” and “the environment.” We want both and we want both to thrive. We believe it’s common sense, a moral imperative, and smart business to take care of home. And this is home. Our neighborhood, our community, our country and our planet — home.

Harmony between Belief & Action. All too often — all too often, if only occasionally — the words “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business” have revealed the truth of the situation. “In order to make money off you, I’m willing to suspend my sense of right and wrong. At least to tweak it a bit.”

Perfect is the enemy of the good. We at Centresa℠ are far, far from perfect. Our membership is not restricted to those who are perfect examples of social responsibility; none exist. This is not an organization of make-believe “ten’s.” We are a group of “two’s” who are committed to becoming “three’s.” We promote personal dedication to improving our communities; our collective effort, however humble, is the way to make the greatest difference.


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