University as a Marketplace

  • Develop and teach classes & workshops on diverse subjects
  • Encourage associations & networking throughout workshops
  • Provide online access for additional information & advocacy opportunities
  • Provide learning & media centers for small businesses and nonprofit DIY’ers
  • Produce guidebooks, resources, class material, online content
  • Classes taught at Centresa and throughout the community

“Establish the university as a marketplace of higher education. As a social conception this means that the university is open to people of all ages, on a full-time, part-time, or course by course basis. Anyone can offer a class. Anyone can take a class. Physically, the university marketplace has a central crossroads where its main buildings and offices are, and the meeting rooms and labs ripple out from this crossroads — at first concentrated in small buildings along pedestrian streets and then gradually becoming more dispersed and mixed with the town.”

43 University as a Marketplace pp. 234.


Concentrated, cloistered universities, with closed admission policies and rigid procedures which dictate who may teach a course, kill opportunities for learning.


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