Learning Centers

  • Class and workshop areas
  • Natural outdoor rooms for yoga, tai chi, theater, picnics; trails and pathways
  • Computer lab for nonprofits and small business members to learn and use software, social media pages, etc. Staffed by student interns.
  • Media Center to produce Centresa and member media products
  • A well-equipped Community Room-for-Rent (e.g. AA, neighborhood association)


“People of all walks of life come forth, and offer a class in the things that they know and love: professionals and workgroups offer apprenticeships in their offices and workshops; old people offer to teach whatever their life work and interest has been, specialists offer tutoring in their special subjects. Living and learning are the same. It is not hard to imagine that eventually every third or fourth household will have at least one person in it who is offering a class or training of some kind.”

18 Network of Learning pp. 101-102.


In a society which emphasizes teaching, children and students — and adults — become passive and unable to think or act for themselves. Creative, active individuals can only grow up in a society which emphasizes learning instead of teaching.


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