Centresa will utilize the latest and most efficient technology to communicate with our members. Communications will be two-way with everyone expected to contribute to defining the problem and crafting the solution. Within the framework of liberal/progressive, differing points of view are encouraged. In additional, Centresa will create and publish (online and/or traditional) a variety of books on topics such as grassroots organization, making your home energy efficient, running for public office, etc.

Media — New / Old / Online / Wireless

Combine The Huffington Post with Green America with ConnectRichmond and Keith Olbermann. We need someone with an incredible technical ability, ability to see its practicality and usefulness, along with a business savvy heading this operation. Great with people as well. Couple with a media relations/marketing type person who understands both “old” and “new” media and most importantly the trend and transitions between the two. Also great with people.

Web site that serves as (a) resource database (b) communication vehicle (c) knowledge base (d) sales

  1. Resource database – by subject and/or zip code a list of resources that are helpful in some aspect of our mission
  2. Communication vehicle – two way communications on a variety of topics; also notification of important upcoming event with back up materials.
  3. Knowledge base – information (overview to specific) subjects, issues, actions.
  4. Sales – of books, guides, research material, organizing materials
  5. Centresa – of course, who we are, what we’re going to accomplish
  6. Give Now button!


// rough notes // break out into new section // rewrite //

Good Idea Magazine – The idea is a print based magazine that will deal (a la Utne Reader) with a particular subject on a quarterly basis. Will emphasis good ideas that have been created on a grassroots basis, how they were designed and how the programs worked, interviews with the principles involved, and guidance on how to bring a similar change to your community.  Would offer similar and contrasting projects from other parts of the country and the world. Don’t know that I like the idea of a paper-based magazine. On the one hand, well, the obvious; it’s paper-based. And on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to reach out to a different demographic and to demonstrate the practicality of recycled paper, use of renewable resource, soy based inks, etc.

Take Facebook, Twitter, to the next level before other people do. Create and contribute to an ongoing dialogue amongst people that are creating change. Central to Centresa’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and success stories. Again – ADD Note: ‘back to media” – what we need to do is to demonstrate to ourselves and to others the vision we have for a progressive society. We should celebrate the liberal victories. We should exchange champagne whenever one of society’s goals is attained. Produce and distribute educational and advocacy material to like-minded people and organizations. Ebooks, iPads, and the like, employed as a segment of our communications plan. Video production and webcast facilities. This should also be integrated with the workshops, classrooms, etc. where programs are videoed, repurposed and provided in other media formats.

Arrange and promote the right people being in the media. In addition to identifying great spokespeople, use/introduce these folks on the Centresa website. Promote to other websites and media outlets.

[Note: this is a major thrust of the Centresa mission. This provides materials and promotes grassroots activism. All good. The question is how this becomes a money maker (see also Multiple Revenue Streams). Is this supported by advertising? Is it a membership site? Is this marketed only to individuals or to like-minded groups/organizations?]


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