Project Development

  • A community park in a challenged neighborhood needs new ballpark lights and presents project idea to us (we’ve worked together in the past)
  • Project initiation is a two way street. We look for projects and people are encouraged to come to us with their ideas
  • The neighborhood would like to go solar and/or energy efficient with low carbon footprint but it costs too much
  • The neighborhood also would like assistance in gathering volunteers for a fix up the park project for the 1st game under the new lights
  • Meet and review project; q&a; refined; costs; accept or pass on project
  • Project development team researches, grants, donors, media, teaching & publishing opportunities – how can we make this project work?
  • What are the possible money sources?
  • How can we make money on this project? Is there a market for any of the information we can publish?
  • Poll our communities. How much support can we realistically anticipate?
  • Create media campaign for project
  • Contact local businesses for support
  • Work with our affiliates to provide services
  • Local media; press releases generated
  • Record project, interviews, information to create project guide to implementing this is your own community
  • Research financing, donation, grant, tax possibilities
  • Teach classes at the ballpark

See also:
Money Finders section


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