Centresa will offer retail and service spaces to like-minded businesses. These should be small, mom-and-pop type businesses that will appeal to our target audiences for other Centresa products and services. Businesses could include personal services (chiropractic, therapeutic massage), legal aid services, socially responsible investing, as well as retail (handmade jewelry, stained glass, gifts, etc.). There should be an old-fashioned general store that offers environmental products (think of a walk-in Seventh Generation store).

Centresa acts as the facility manager including acting as an “environmentally sound virtual office”. That is to say, Centresa will offer business services including typical support services (could include economies-of-scale by having all computers/internet/network installed by a single company, for example). Shop lessees are encouraged to participate in Centresa activities (e.g. morning ti chi) as well as teaching classes (e.g. jewelry making classes) in Centresa classrooms. Advertising for Centresa will feature each business leasing space.


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