Social Action (centre SA)

Quoting James Russell Lowell: “All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.” It is the task of Centresa to enable, empower and encourage action. That action may be the action of an individual or a family, a school, a church, or a community. It is to discover what works and how it can be implemented in a variety of situations. We learn from each other. We are all students and we are all teachers. We are all coaches and we all need a bit of coaching. Centresa will create – both online and physically – a community in which learning, advocacy and action can take place.

The editorial board (see Organization and Management) will define the Centresa position and set the strategy for social action. It is important to note that although (actually, because) we are a progressive organization, there will be disagreement and discussion about which topic should be discussed and what positions should be advocated. Solutions are complex and right-minded people can and should see things differently. We will enumerate our principles and our strategies shall be in keeping with those principles. Centresa favors the natural, the simple, the little guy, over the manufactured, the needlessly complicated and the corporation.

In addition to providing means and encouragement for individuals, communities and organizations to take action, Centresa will also directly promote causes and social action on its own when appropriate. In addition, Centresa will directly advocate and enlist our community to respond with time and money to a variety of projects. Rather than the typical “give to the Red Cross after a disaster” mode, Centresa will find unique, natural, eco-friendly ways of contributing (e.g. projects like recycling old, discarded shipping containers into shelters for Haitian hurricane victims). We envision not only giving money but finding direct, hands-on ways to contribute. We also promote our community to become advocates – send this video link describing the project to everyone on your email contact list. Call your Senator or member of Congress with the following talking points.


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