The Dining Room

It was hard for Alex and Taylor to know which question to ask first. They looked around the large dining area, crafted together by merging several smaller rooms; still maintaining the character of the house. Upstairs, smaller rooms served as more private dining rooms, workshop and community rooms, and rooms leased for private parties.

Alex: Was that a little bookstore at the front door? I thought I saw a sign about buying and selling used books?

Lee: New and used books. That’s just a small sampling from the bookstore over in the Village. We’ll walk by there later. A couple local authors have books for sale and I think … oh, what’s the name? … is having a reading sometime … at the …

Casey: (laughing) Someone, sometime, somewhere maybe having a reading. Check out the “Little Folks Lending Library.” Kids exchange a book they’ve read or outgrown for a “new” book. And the best part  is it keeps the kids entertained while the parents enjoy a glass of wine. But back to the bookstore, they really do have a great assortment of progressive literature, grassroots organizing, natural living, alternate energy …

Lee: Makes a little liberal’s heart warm all over.

Casey: And did you notice the paintings, the artwork, all around? Local artists, most of it for sale here. (pointing) Personalized hand-blown Christmas tree ornaments — they always sell out fast! Hey, that’s right, you noticed the painting in our living room when you were over; we bought it here.

Taylor: Look at this menu. Local produce, local craft beer and wine, simple natural food. Kosher selections. Wow, a whole page of vegetarian dishes. And reasonably priced!

Alex: What’s this? … (picking up the table iPad) … name and photo of our server … call me … should I?   (pressing the button)

Sam’s Voice: Hi folks, I’m Sam. I’ll be right over to take your drink orders.

The screen changed to the drink menu. Alcoholic, Not, Natural Juices, Coffees & Teas. With links to appetizers, dinner selections, desserts … daily specials and monthly dining themes … even a “best take-homes” page on the tablet. Along with a reminder to order take-home now; text the kitchen when you’re about 15 minutes from leaving the Village; and we’ll have it waiting for you at the take-home window on the side porch. Summer picnic baskets, including handmade baskets from one of the craftspeople with a shop at the Village, and a bottle of Virginia wine, are a popular item this time of year as the mornings are beginning to have a chill.

Sam: Hi, I’m Sam, great to have you folks dining with us tonight. These must be the “new to town folks” y’all were telling me about.

Casey: Sam, meet our friends Alex and Taylor.

Sam: My pleasure. Can I get y’all started with drinks?

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