Village Facilities

Classrooms & Workshop Spaces

  • 2-3 small classrooms
  • Larger workshop area
  • Presentation area for larger groups
  • Flexible configurations
  • Very comfortable; see APL for guidelines & ideas

Media Center

  • Media studio where content is recorded, edited, etc.
  • Interview & news cast production space
  • Produces websites, social media, marketing efforts, etc.
  • High tech – specific light, sound, temperature considerations

Members Workshop (could be classroom or workshop area when not reserved)

  • Small computer lab for use by business & NFP members
  • Providing computer equipment and software
  • Some support hours offered (staffed by student interns)
  • Equipment may be available for off-site use (rental)

Community Room

  • For rent to community groups, AA, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • Ability to make room accessible when rest of building is closed
  • Access to restrooms from Community Room
  • Handicapped accessibility; secure, lighted access.
  • Small lockers for groups for literature; white boards; comfortable, flexible room; coffee machine.

Workspaces and Offices (see “Living Room” below)

Spaces for Centresa employees

  • Administrative, Financial, Marketing, Technology
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Kitchen for employees use; dining area
  • Dining room can double as conference room

Retail Spaces
(all services/products in retail space are part-and-parcel of learning centers. Everything is a textbook.)

Space where member merchants can sell products, make info available

  • Products from NFPs (t-shirts, fund-raising products, etc.)
  • May be a single shelf, a display, an area, etc. (rental options)
  • Could operate as “consignment store”
  • Skype connection to stores for additional info
  • QR codes for every merchant
  • Merchant + NFP products & special offers
  • Opportunity to donate to member NFP

Book & Media Store (in retail space)

Centresa publications

  • Books on environment; socially responsible business; community organizing; simple living; volunteerism; etc.
  • Books by people in our community

EcoStore (in retail space)

  • Cool eco-products you won’t find anywhere else
  • Like a walk-in 7th Generation catalog
  • Eco-friendly gifts
  • Household products
  • Energy products

Health & Well Being Center (in retail space)

  • Information & products for members involved in health
  • Information on nutritional programs, yoga for health, physical fitness
  • DVDs, audio, etc. from companies like “Sounds True”
  • Emergency equipment; natural first aid kits

Public Outdoor Rooms

  • Space for yoga, tai chi
  • Backyard Gardner spaces / community garden
  • Natural gardening class space
  • Playground for kids and grown-ups; children’s maze, etc.
  • Outdoor shop (gazebo) to demo glassblowing; pottery; puppet show; how to make homemade ice cream class, etc. Made with strawberries grown onsite.

Recycling Center / Shipping & Receiving

  • Well, since we’ve already got a garage door…
  • Collect computers, electronics for recycling/repurposing with affiliate company
  • Temp storage for items requested by NFPs; donated by members,

Living Room (Maybe we should consider the old house as the employee/office area; the newer building to be more public with classrooms, stores, meeting rooms, etc. An employees’ house downstairs with living room, dining room, kitchen, outdoor patio area. Offices upstairs with over-flow into 3rd floor new building, if needed)

  • Typical living room; casual & comfortable. Would be nice to have a (sorry, eco-inefficient) fireplace; small kitchen, wet bar.
  • Place to have employee parties, celebrations, client meetings, an area to kick back and relax
  • Entertain business partners, companies, prospects, etc.
  • SuperBowl room; election night, New Year’s eve, etc.

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