Village Features

Some of the many features of Centresa Village that represent harmony between belief and action.

Center Commons

Open spaces where people can congregate, sit, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. An old fashioned little carousel where kids can ride for free.

Schoolhouse Roof

Solar panels on roof. Green completely – grass, plants, areas to sit and talk, eat.

Zen Views

RE: retail floor in school house. In a modern shopping mall, the front of the store is open so that passers will look in (and then come in). We instead leave the “hall, doorway, classroom” visual but provide zen views into the space (see APL).


Throughout The Village – indoor plants, aquariums, art from local artists and the like. A very natural feeling. Built with natural materials. Signs that explain why this particular environmental feature is in place.

New Old Buildings

How possible/practical is it to move those deserted small little buildings that you see along the Rt. 1’s, 5’s and 301’s of the world? The little general store in Mangohick. Can these be moved to the Village, reconditioned and repurposed? Can the store from Mangohick become an eco-supply store?

Vegetarian Restaurant

The vegetarian restaurant will serve as the anchor for the retail aspect of The Village. In addition, the restaurant will also provide food and beverages to the entire village including workshops and people in the retreat rooms. Sandwich shop, coffee shop.

For Schoolhouse edition: Remake school cafeteria into a veggie restaurant keeping the lunch line, retro waitress in hairnet. Outside patio area available. Picnic tables further out. Basketball and volleyball nets as we fade into the playground area.

Environmental Store

Think of a retail version of Seventh Generation. Or the shop that was in Norfolk years ago – “Tomorrow’s Promise” if memory serves. A store where all manner of unique items associated with environmentalism are for sale.


Alternative Energy Store

A service business that specializes in the sale and installation of solar panels, windmills, on-demand water heaters, etc.

Book & Media Store

A book and media store specializing in progressive literature, enviromental stewardship, and community organizing. Material produced by Centresa Media & Educational included.

Street Performers

Street performers are welcomed. Un-annoying mimes, theatre, singing, guitar player, poetry reading, clowns and court jesters. A 3-card Monte with winnings to a local charity. See A Pattern Language 58 Carnival. Conclusion of the section:

“Set aside some part of the town as a carnival – mad sideshows, tournaments, acts, displays, competitions, dancing, music, street theater, clowns, transvestites, freak events, which allow people to reveal their madness; weave a wide pedestrian street through this area; run booths along the street, narrow alleys; at one end an outdoor theater; perhaps connect the theater stage directly to the carnival street, so the two spill into and feed one another.”

Sunday Brunch & Movie

Have lunch at the restaurant and then go to the theatre for a classic black-and-white movie. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s served in the theatre.

Outdoor Theatre

Small outdoor theatre available to community groups for plays, poetry readings, etc. A cross between the theatre at University of Richmond and the Lost Colony theatre in Manteo. See above note on Street Performers.

Store Management and Services

CENTRESA (or a facilities management company) will own and manage the stores but the businesses are independently owned. The Purple Cow for management is that CENTRESA offers its merchants a host of services as part of the lease.

Essentially CENTRESA functions as a virtual office to our merchants. May want to develop some sort of barter system so that all employees can barter for each other’s goods and services. Figure out where economies of scale that can be shared exist. Stores are encouraged to participate in every aspect of life at The Village. This could include conducting classes in their areas of expertise, participating in morning tai chi classes, or teaching classes.

Retail Stores

A variety of small businesses, mom and pop shops. No retail chains allowed. Locally owned businesses. Specializing in unique products. Handmade jewelry.

Service Stores

Natural services. Chiropractic, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, socially responsible investment, bookstore, green home, yoga, etc.

Community Garden

A community garden that supplies food for restaurant and/or purchase. Might be a means to a signature product for The Village.


Childcare available for Centresa employees. Could be open to visitors’ families as well. Best practices for a childcare center.

Note especially in Pattern Language dealing with “communities and neighborhoods provid[ing] public open lands where people can relax, rub shoulders, and renew themselves.” Sections 58 – 66.

Workshops & Classrooms

Workshops will be presented by CENTRESA will explore the ways in which progressive ideals can be put into practice. The learning center is a very important part of the Village with a variety of classrooms, workshops and seminars with the latest appropriate learning technology. CENTRESA will hire a number of teachers to develop and teach classes.

Classrooms and workshops may be rented by like-minded people/organizations for their presentations. CENTRESA will bring its organizational and presentation skills to organizations renting class space from us.


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