Village Prototype

Centresa is creating an environment in which we will build the…

University as a Marketplace (Pattern #43)

Creating a “community university” where individuals teach their work, their experiences and their passions to other individuals; with the intention of creating…

A School for Community Activism

Where people design and teach the classes they need to become effective change agents, advocates, and teachers in our community; creating a…

Network of Community Projects (Pattern #45) In which challenging learning opportunities are created in every neighborhood, designing local solutions to our common problems; with the support of…

Small Business & Not for Profit Services Offered to Centresa members so they can concentrate their time, talent and resources on what they do best – learning, growing, and changing the world…

As we work together to “become the change we wish to see in the world.”


People cannot maintain their spiritual roots and their connections to the past if the physical world they live in does not also sustain their roots. Whether the sacred sites are large or small, whether they are at the center of towns, in neighborhoods, or in the deepest countryside, establish ordinances which will protect them absolutely – so that our roots in the visible surroundings cannot be violated. (APL 132-133)
The buildings at 11188 Robious strike me as a place that – somewhat awkwardly, architecturally – starkly embodies roots and change. From the original house at the end of Old Farm Road, the stories Michael Boykin can tell about the neighborhood, to when Mr. Singh bought and sold the property to us. Maintaining the appearance and history of buildings and land is important. That is not to say that we will not make changes and improvements – we will – but always respecting what has gone before. In our buildings and the surrounding land, we will maintain and enhance based on natural, environmentally-friendly methods and products. We will improve the existing systems – HVAC, electric, plumbing, etc. – while moving toward sustainable, off-grid solutions. We will maintain the land and buildings using natural products and natural methods. We will restore natural systems and habitats on the land; encourage butterfly-gardens, humming birds, animals and insects that can survive/thrive near Robious Road. And we will record these efforts for use in educational, media and publishing efforts. We are our first example and our first workshop.


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