Welcome to Centresa Village

allegorical tale, mythical village

This is the true and unabridged story of Centresa as told by several of our colleagues (members, supporters, suppliers, small local businesses, community organizations, B Corps, and For Purpose Organizations comprising “our colleagues”). Oulittle-prince.pngr ongoing story will be told by our colleagues; or not be told at all. This experiment is crowd-designed, -funded, -implemented and -supported. Everyone is student and teacher. So please comment wherever you can, however you see it. If you have a question, please ask it. If you have a doubt, please express it. If you can lend a hand, please do it. We’ll even put a little of our delicious “penny candy” in your account.

This is Our Story

Alex and Taylor are new to Virginia. Their kids, Jordan and Morgan, are making friends and adjusting well. The family is getting settled into new jobs, new schools, new communities. Their new neighbors, Lee and Casey, have been in town for years. Lee and Casey were early supporters and leaders in Centresa so when Alex and Taylor suggested dinner, Lee and Casey knew it was time for their new friends to experience Centresa Village.

Next: The Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant

Now is the time and here is the place for the full disclosure and complete transparency that we’ll mention more than a couple times throughout these pages. All of what you are about to read is fanciful. We cannot direct you to the map that will take you to the Village; nor enjoy your perspectives and insights at a workshop; nor sweat and laugh with you at a community project. Not yet. This, at the beginning, is a vision some years into the future. This fictional, aspirational narrative is one of several “entrances” into a vision that is wide, deep, cluttered and occasionally contradictory. It is too thin in places, too thick in others. (Aren’t we all.) It is a work in process; building our aircraft at 20,000 feet, in the clouds, as it were. We hope you’ll enjoy our story and contribute your chapters to it. Begin in the Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant.   ~yhn (your humble narrator)

Go wide, go deep, take what you need, contribute wherever you can, we need your thoughts. Welcome to Centresa.

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