Workshop Structure

What makes Centresa workshops and classes unlike any other.

Setting of the classes – that is to say, the physical environment – is critical to the success of the Centresa model. From the moment the attendee enters the Village, he or she is aware of being in an environment that is different from his/her day-to-day. There is a natural feeling. Plants, trees are abundant. Natural materials are used in all construction. Car ways are limited, parking areas secluded away. Pedestrian pathways are the predominate means of getting around.

I’ve been to two classes lately and the physical environment and the lack of organization were counterproductive to whatever goals were in mind. The “purple cow” of the classroom/workshop is that Centresa takes care of the smallest detail whether presenting our own classes or renting the room to outside organizations.

Instructor’s stipend provided by Centresa for class & publishing rights to class material; classes recorded, content will be re-purposed for workbooks, media, classes, etc.

Centresa assists instructor with class design; instructional design; graphics; classroom equipment, etc. Many/most classes are taught by someone in the community. Either someone who has come to Centresa with an idea or someone we’ve sought out. Many classes taught by students from previous classes. Centresa doesn’t let anyone present secondrate workshops. We have an instructional designer, interns to help with coding, presentations, etc. As well as people to market the class.

We are buying community knowledge, repackaging it, and selling it so that additional communities can prosper.

We are experimenting to discover what works and what does not work in reclaiming and strengthening communities through education and advocacy.


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