Workshops, Classes, Seminars

Centresa will design and present workshops, classes and seminars in person, online, on demand. In addition, space will be available for like-minded individuals/groups to lease. There will be several high-tech classrooms (different resources and seating capacities). Centresa both presents our own classes as well as renting the rooms to like-minded individuals, organizations and communities. Having attended 3 classes recently (1 as attendee; 2 as presenter) – I can safely say there are a number of deficiencies in organization and facilities. In separate section, somewhere in this document, there is a description of rooms. This is the purple cow. There is a genuine emphasis of creating a unique, comfortable learning environment (instead of borrowing the bargain basement from the local real estate association). Lack of funding being the reason, I understand, for settling for inadequate meeting spaces but it cheapens the message to do so. Centresa provides the services that are unique and first class to meet this challenge.

2017 Curriculum (currently under development)

Race Relations. What divides & unites in RVA. Courses outlining racial diversity, what unites and divides us.

  • Richmond Diversity (race & religion)
  • Why is Richmond still segregated? (description)
  • Understanding white privilege

Grassroots Politics

  • Organizing a grassroots campaign
  • Intro to campaign software (including NationBuilder)
  • Effective political writing; blog this
  • Influencing your local school board
  • Running for political office
  • Op-Ed Writing (Affiliated) (description)

Abundance in Local Small Business 

  • Becoming a B-Corp (training & certification)
  • Low- and no-cost employee benefits
  • Small business prosperity (description)
  • Creating a 21st century office
  • Being green @ work

Being clean & green at home, sweet, home.

  • Making your home energy efficient (description)
  • How to purchase solar panels for your business, organization, or neighborhood


Religion. What divides & unites in RVA. Courses outlining religious diversity, what unites and divides us.

  • Is Islam a religion of peace or war? (description)
  • Understanding my neighbors religion. (description)
  • Comparative religions 101

Financial Responsibility

  • Guide to socially responsible investing
  • Real finances in the real world for teens (description)
  • Debt & Depression (an owner’s manual)
  • Money & Spirit workshop

Abundance in Not-For-Profit Organizations

  • Prosperity for NFP’s (description)
  • NFP’s spokesperson / media contact
  • How to build a better nonprofit board
  • Fund raising for a nonprofit

Family Life in a crazy, challenging world.

  • How violent is your child’s XBox?
  • How to stand up to bullies (description)
  • Baby Boomers & Social Media
  • What is acupuncture? Are herbal medicines safe?

Across the curriculum. Some things have parts and pieces in more than 1 little box.


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