Farm Fresh

They decided — because they couldn’t decide — on the family-style sampler dinner. It was delicious! Local food suppliers, natural products, environmentally sensitive processes. Alex toyed with the “table tablet’s” stories and videos of the farmer who’d grown their salad in Goochland.

Alex: Hey, look at this, Farmer Goochland has an “in season, Saturday & Sunday, pick your own” event. We should take the kids this weekend.

Taylor: Sounds good. Jordan and Morgan would love that. They have pumpkins?

Lee & Casey: They have pumpkins! Also “how to carve” classes and a “best pumpkin” contest.

Alex: (pointing to the fresh veggies) … Tell me about Centresa. It owns the restaurant? and the farm? … (arm sweeping toward the window) … and whatever the heck is out there — Centresa owns all this?

Lee: Actually, very little of all this is owned by Centresa. … (passing the bowl of veggies) … let’s see, how to put it? Centresa is kind of a co-op association of people, for-purpose organizations and businesses, all of which hold to a higher standard of social responsibility and action.

Casey: Along with a strong emphasis on education, designing new workshops, participating, both as teacher and student. And unbelievable media channels that keep everyone informed. Now that part of it, Centresa does own. Most of the business services are provided by outside businesses and for-purpose organizations. Same with the media services. Services are provided in co-op fashion. Centresa has college interns that teach tech classes. The educational component is pretty much all Centresa; owned and operated.

Lee: You could say we’re an educational publishing company. That’s what’s at the core. The workshops, community events, local sourcing, socially responsible business are all experiments. How can we solve this problem? How can we create this project? Centresa facilitates getting community learners and advocates together to make it happen. All of the facts, figures and possibilities are presented to and through our colleagues media channels; customized and individualized to each colleagues causes and interests.

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