Midnight’s Pathway

Along the Pathway

An Overview of Our Walking Tour

The functional spaces in the Village include the Restaurant we just visited and the Media Center we’ll visit next. To be described later, we also have an Environmental Store, and a great assortment of small, local retail shops and services. That represents Centresa Business. Next we have a workshop, classroom, learning environment. Here we develop and deliver our Community Curriculum. Funded by Centresa Retail and Centresa Educational, and funded and “fed” by Centresa Media, we publish grassroots, community organizing, media informational material. What we learn and earn in the community is returned to Centresa Business, Educational and Media. 

Midnight’s Pathway

As our four friends exit the Restaurant on their way to the Media Centre, the various “Pathways” described here and elsewhere, are an overview of the Village; the spaces, displays and activities between the buildings. Here it is critically important to consider Mr. Alexander’s “A Pattern Language”. [put link here] 

YHN: The architecture of the buildings and their natural integration with the land is an absolutely essential core value of Centresa. “A Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander et al. is our “bible”. Our mission is to save the old building, the farm, the shop, and to reinvent and repurpose it for the community. Village Centresa is a prototype and testing ground for experiments for our Storefront locations. Preserving the old, installing earth friendly technology, providing a community learning environment.

I don’t specifically recall my first visit to Scarborough Faire Shopping Village in Duck, N.C. but I do recall that when I first considered the Village, the natural, integrated with its environment, meandering pathways and places to sit, rest and talk — Scarborough Faire immediately came to mind. Below is a video filmed to promote their Faire Day Festival (Wednesdays, June 15 – August 31). In addition to the natural landscape, this is the atmosphere/mindset that I envision.

Shop guideThe third envisioned component of the Village physical layout is inspired by the design of AEON LakeTown, “Japan’s largest eco-friendly shopping center [that] was developed to exude affinity for people and nature. On a vast, verdant lakeside area spanning 224,000 square meters lie two distinctive shopping and amusement zones, Kaze and Mori. Designed for walkability, universality (amenable to all), and community (a place for relaxation), they are at the pinnacle of eco initiatives in Japan and provide all customers with an eco-friendly experience. The Kaze and Mori zones offer spaces and services imbued with an affinity for people and nature. Examples of such affinity are endless. Pedestrian-friendly promenades. Comfortable benches for resting or waiting for friends. Driver-friendly parking. Clear public announcements. Refreshing restaurants, fun shopping, and spacious courtyards. Eco initiatives open to participation by all. Lively eco events. Warm greetings, refreshing fountains, and friendly staff. A relaxing time and good memories. Such affinity is fundamental to Aeon LakeTown’s services and shared by all staff.”

[Source: http://www.aeon-laketown.jp/en/]

Ditto.   -yhn

Next: “Hello, World” Media Centre


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