Shared Technology

In one corner of the Media Centre, several people are sitting around a large, heavy looking, coffee table; laptops, tablets and cells cover the table. “Got it!” “What?” “Look here, try this.” Laughter. “Works like a charm.” “Thank you SO much.”

Alex: What’s going on over there? Reminds me of a college study group from back in the day.

Casey (laughing): Very perceptive, Alex. That’s pretty much it. As part of the “facilities management” service that Centresa offers to our Business Colleagues, shared technology is a VERY big part. That’s our version of a help desk. It may be a case of our tech staff, an intern, or another Colleague lending a hand. Because all Centresa Colleagues share access to a common data and media platform (geek speak), it’s easy to ask for tech help. And if no one happens to know the answer to the problem, the answer is usually “let’s meet in the Media Centre and figure it out together.”

Lee: Centresa merchants also take advantage of our numbers, pulling our resources to buy equipment and services in bulk. Everyone has access to the WiFi system, of course. Marketing, branding as socially responsible businesses is delivered via Centresa Media Channels. Tech and Media workshops, support, help desk. The Media Centre typically creates and maintains the business’ media channels.

Casey: So for example, when there’s a Village event, it’s posted on everyone’s media channel. One photographer, one videographer, and everyone has access to their great work for their sites. And of course, when any of our businesses has a message, it’s cross-marketed across all Centresa Media channels. Distributed directly to Centresa Colleagues who’ve expressed an interest in the topic.

Alex: So Centresa makes money by leasing retail spaces and providing facilities management services, including technology services? To socially responsible businesses, naturally.

Lee: You got it! Well, at least that’s one of our income streams. Another is just across the way (…pointing…) our eco-Store “One Small Blue Planet”. Lots of things there you’ve not seen anywhere else.

Taylor: Let’s go!

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