One Small Planet

“One Small Planet” is the EcoStore at the Village. Along with the “Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant” and the “Hello, World! Media Center”, it’s the third “anchor” in the Retail/Service component of the Village. Ideally, “One Small Planet” will be in a restored/renovated barn or existing outbuilding on our mythical farm. The Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant” out front, “Hello World! Media Center” and “One Small Planet”, left and right behind the home, an entryway to our Colleagues retail/service shops, then workshops and meeting spaces; looped around a common, community, learning space. (see APL, as always).

Alex: Wow! This really does look like an old county store! All that’s missing is a wooden barrel with a checkerboard. (… Lee points over Alex’s shoulder …) No! You can’t be serious.

There it was. A nice lounge area, grand old overstuffed chairs, small tables, several bookshelves, a coffee/tea pot. All looking a little old, nicely worn, and lovingly repaired. And a barrel and checkerboard, along with a backgammon set, and decks of cards. A dartboard hangs on the wall. A community message board that at first looked to be a bulletin board but, on closer inspection, was actually a touchscreen with notices, with links to the product, service, or event. Enter (some sort of) code, and the info is auto-magically texted/emailed to you. Along with discount coupons, green stamps, etc.

Casey: Hi, guys, meet our friends, Alex and Taylor. (… introductions all around …)

ShopKeeper: Hey, Lee, I’ve got that “it’s gonna be impossible to find” out-of-print book you ordered. Shop worn but in good shape.

Lee: Thanks, ShopKeeper, I appreciate it. You are the best!

Shopkeeper: It’s the good folks over at “Mark Twain Books & Cetera Media” that are the experts tracking these things down.

The person who does not read good books
has no advantage over the person who cannot read them.

— Mark Twain. (& the sign over our bookstore door)

The old wooden counter was salvaged from a country store that was torn down years ago; in Tennessee, I (yhn) believe. Front and top glass shelves held an eclectic assortment of items made in local shops, including those in the Village. Crafts from not-just-for-profit, second-chance, and community groups are displayed.

Taylor: Look at all of this! Amazing!

We’re just getting started with our tour of the Village … much more to see so please follow the blog for the latest attractions. In the meantime, please let me know what you think so far. Be candid! We know you will be! We’re counting on it!   ~your humble narrator

In the meantime, click here to return to the main Centresa page. Thanks for visiting!

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