Penny Candy

Penny Candy

What the heck is Penny Candy?

penny-candy-counterOnly if you are of a certain age — or you’ve been paying attention to your grandparent’s stories like good little children — do you know that once upon a time, penny candy was sold in stores; one little treat, a jawbreaker or licorice stick, one penny each. I (your humble narrator) have fond memories of my little sister JT and I, noses and hands pressed against the penny candy counter at Mrs. Tooley’s. Nickel or dime held tightly in hand, likely a gift from our Nannie, we’d walk through the vine covered back gate to the store next door to grandma’s house. Mrs. Tooley’s store was actually an added backroom to her home on Orcutt Lane. Which to my learned young mind, held perhaps the world’s greatest selection of penny candy.

Penny Candy made it fun to earn the nickel, spend the nickel, and taste its sweet reward. The transaction was simple, straightforward, easy to understand, and beneficial to all. Penny Candy serves the same role at the Village and throughout Centresa. It’s fun to earn and fun to spend.

Our Colleagues (members) earn Penny Candy in many ways:

  • join our mailing list
  • become a member
  • recommend a new member
  • serve as a mentor
  • post a blog
  • follow a friend’s blog
  • send a letter to the editor
  • contact Member of Congress, State, Local
  • attend a workshop
  • teach a workshop
  • organize a book club
  • attend an event
  • all of your volunteer hours (even if not Centresa)
  • donations and contributions (to Centresa if we go not-just-for-profit)
  • buy dinner, spend money at the Village in any store, for any product or service
  • all things Centresa

Spending Your Penny Candy

Penny Candy from your account can be spent in many ways. Like the Green Stamps of yesteryear, Penny Candy may be redeemed for a variety of merchandise offered primarily by our Colleagues at the Village. May be 2 free cupcakes with the purchase of any size ice tea or lemonade. Maybe a free workshop. Something from the bookstore. Movie night tickets. We have one generous member who auctions off a week at the Outer Banks beach house. Discounts, early bird specials, buy 1 yoga class, get one free. You get the idea.

What is Virtual Currency?

For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the “virtual currency” feature (aka Penny Candy) please visit the NationBuilder page “Understanding Virtual Currency” — scroll down on that page for a complete list and value of Penny Candy actions. It will grow! But in the meantime, trust me when I say, it is one of the most powerful features used throughout Centresa.

From NationBuilder
Virtual currency can be used to:

  • Award Penny Candy for actions you want to encourage
  • Deduct Penny Candy for actions you wish to deter
  • Manage the resources spent on building relationships
  • Identify and empower leaders

Advocacy Cell Screen

The system tracks Penny Candy earned and spent. Both are good (see Dr. Benj. Franklin’s political arithmetic / circulation). Decisions regarding profit-sharing, ownership, etc. of Centresa are informed by Penny Candy accounts. Monthly Leaders (see Leadership Board in right side menu) are recognized with a shout-out across Centresa Media. Leaders and hard workers are easily identified; talents and interests demonstrated.  Most importantly, it makes the process of doing the right thing, fun, easy, competitive and rewarding. As mentioned elsewhere, on our NationBuilder Media Channel platform (what you’ve been reading), there are apps to (for example) send text messages to Colleagues to contact their member of Congress to vote “NO” on H.R. 1335. Colleague pushes literally only a couple of buttons on the cellphone and a text message is sent to the Representative. And 10 pieces of Penny Candy are auto-magically donated to your account.

Note also that the app displays the number of your Centresa Colleagues who have sent emails to their representatives. Encourage your friends to take action with your personal easy-to-use Centresa Media Channel. “Find Friends,” “Followers” and “Following” links are on the right hand vertical menu. It’s system-wide information. Personalized for you.

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