Snowball’s Pathway

An electric golf cart paused for a second to say “hello” to our foursome as they bring a young couple from the parking lot toward the restaurant. A pair of crutches across their laps.

Taylor: That’s a nice idea. With your view of the world, I assume everything square inch of the Village is accessible …

Casey: Well, I wish I could say everything but well, it’s just not 100% possible. Especially building within a natural environment. We do everything we can. “A Pattern Language” is our “how-to manual” in peacefully integrating with what was here when we arrived. Here’s one that might surprise you. APL

Lee: But back to the accessibility question. When it comes to technology that’s easy. Labs and workshops include video/screen readers, audio headphones, translation software; all that sort of stuff. The golf carts of course for anyone who needs a bit of help getting from here to there. We buy the golf carts used; there’s a Vet’s organization in Northside that refurbishes them. And of course, there’s an app for that. Need a ride, push the button on your cell.

Casey: Speaking of inaccessible (… pointing …) our Tree House Meeting Room is a “ya got to climb” proposition. Of course, if anyone ever is concerned …

Alex: (… looking up, somewhat cautiously …) Fear of heights?

Casey: Fear of heights. Fear of trees, for that matter! Whatever. Not to worry. Whenever Treehouse is scheduled, there’s always an accessible backup on standby. Some work groups have weekly meetings up there; others, not so much.

Lee: I’ll tell you this much — certain seasons of the year, you want to be sure to book it weeks in advance! Well, (… laughing …) not you apparently!

Alex: No way!

 Next: One Small Planet

yhn: One thing I’d like to do is to create a trivia quiz at the end of this narrative. As a typical question: “which of our mythical characters has a fear of heights?” To encourage all to explore the site, ongoing, Penny Candy is awarded on your exploration skills.” 


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