Synapse Testimonials

“The difference between Synapse and other networking groups is that it works. It’s a place where community leaders and entrepreneurs can come together and easily connect. I’m just lucky enough to be a part of a great team of some amazing individuals.”

Sam Anderson. CEO Richmond Bubble Soccer, Cycul, Anderson Consulting


“I’ve been a Synapse member for what, about 4 weeks, and I can tell you that through connections I’ve already made, I’ve received back the value of my membership dues many times over.”

Scott Dixon, Realtor and entrepreneur


“Synapse is amazing. I have been a member for almost four months and this organization is like no other business network I have seen or been a part of. I was with one organization for over 8 years and have tried all of the others in town. This is not like your traditional business networks. The quality of people and instant credibility you get when you first meet someone is amazing. You can just tell you can refer them to one of your good customers or friends & know they will be taken care of. And I have to say the quality of the individuals & caring about our local community and non-profit partners has made me want to become one of those individuals myself. It’s not all about doing business but a lifestyle that you can be proud to be a part of. Thank you Synapse for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Oh, and I almost forgot that in the 4 month’s that I have been a part of Synapse, the connections that I have made have been more profitable than the connections that I made at the other organization in over 8 years!”

Michael Varner – Carter Printing Company


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