Beyond Ho-Hum Communications Consulting works with people from socially responsible businesses, not-for-profit-but-for-purpose organizations, educational institutions, community groups and good folks doing progressive work in their neighborhoods.

Our bailiwick is “communications consulting” which is a fancy way of saying we write and we talk, but most importantly, we listen. We question. We learn about your organization. We wonder why and we often wonder, why not?

Do you remember the kids game where one child whispers into another child’s ear, down the line, until the last kid — always looking a little puzzled — recites a line bearing no resemblance to what the first kid whispered? I don’t know about you but that children’s game reminds me all too often of the corporate rollout of the cool new product, the amazing new service and the fervent plea for more volunteer time, money and involvement. In the beginning, we whisper “we’re changing lives” and what we end up hearing is “weird endangered cries and lies.”

The solution, of course, is don’t whisper! Shout your “we’re changing lives” message from the rooftops! How? By designing and implementing a single, dedicated  communications channel that includes:

  • project leadership to ensure not just buy-in but enthusiastic support
  • strategic storytelling both written and spoken
  • communication events, workshops, classes & presentations

In your spare time, right? Most days you’re just too busy getting the job done to stop and talk about it. That’s where we come in. We’d like to be on your team. We’ll attend your project meetings to understanding your goals and strategy. With the express purpose of sharing your story with each of your audiences and stakeholders. To get them excited about being a part of the process.

And because we know your project schedule and your deadlines, we create a content production and publication schedule to make certain no one is ever surprised by an unanticipated milestone.

Simply put, we tell your story. On whichever platform and in whatever venue. We do the research and create original content, tailor-made for your audiences.  Using your existing media platforms. (Unless you’re ready to take it to the next level, in which case, we are happy to recommend the best in the social media business.)

Every bit as important as written information is the face-to-face spoken word. Nothing beats a smile and a handshake. In whatever venue — brown bag lunch, catered celebration, workshop, class and presentation — we create and present the content that tells your story. From brainstorming sessions to monthly updates to new launch celebrations, is with you all the way to tell the story of what you do and why it is so important to our shared community.