Maternity and newborn care (ObamaCares)

And when I think of all of the incredible, wonderful, loving women I have know over the years of my life, why the hell would I not want to chip in a couple of dollars to make damn sure they have maternity and newborn care included in their insurance policy. You do understand that one of us good old boys was there at conception time, right? Think of it as insuring “your boys” on their “journey” if that helps. You do understand that she’s going to give birth to your son or daughter, right? What the hell happened to pro-life? My God, we are a generous people and we care about each other a hell of a lot more than some politicians care to admit. And finally boys, who the hell do you think is going to take care of you when you’re sick and dying and sucking up “your half” of the insurance plan? A woman. So put a damn dollar on the table and make certain that no insurance company in America is allowed to sell a policy that fails to simply cover the ten — TEN! — essential healthcare benefits.



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