Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)

Taking care of the earth is a fulltime job and must include each and every venue in which we spend our lives – home, church, schools, places of business. Environmental stewardship includes what we eat, how we dress, where we spend our money. There is no aspect of our lives that is excluded from our responsibilities to be good stewards of the earth. As is hopefully obvious by now, the Centresa model is to take this moral requirement for environmental stewardship and thereby change individuals, then small communities, and then the world. We take this to mean more than may perhaps traditionally be thought of as the environment. We include our homes, our workplaces, our means of transportation, how we design and live in our communities, how we travel – the large view and the details of daily life.

Centresa will bring together education and products to help individuals create sustainable spaces in which to live and work. At the Village, we will have a general store that provides environmentally ­sound products. We will offer classes and guidebooks on environmental topics. We will provide economies-­of­-scale when possible – group purchase of solar panels as an example. Information on taking advantage of tax breaks for installing energy friendly devices and appliances. Advocacy to urge changes in public spaces (e.g. schools, government buildings) to use sustainable methods.

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