My Mythical, Magical Senator

when-you-elect-a-clown-expect-a-circus-16234679My mythical, magical senator was being interviewed on a news show this morning. When asked about the latest and greatest, most destructive, tweet of the moment, came the response:

“The clown show at the White House was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow. Ignore them for just one day, okay? I have no earthly idea how many clowns can come out of that little clown’s car but damn if he didn’t pack in a bunch of them.

“I’m from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. We have our own clown show. We’re trying to steal healthcare from 22 million Americans. They’re your friends and family so you better put fresh sheets on the fold-out bed in the basement. And that medication is getting a little pricey. Rumor is the addiction clinic is closing. Sorry about that pre-existing condition thing going away. Same deal on lifetime limits — bye, bye. And the kids? Not on your policy!

“What was your question? Oh, yeah. Are Americans really this heartless? No, of course not.

“Is Congress really this stupid? Ah … well … (looking at the wristwatch) … I’ve got to run …”

For reelection? Seriously?



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