Needs Analysis, Grace Park site

Hi Pete, thanks for taking a look at this for me. Thought it would be the best use of time to send you a quick needs analysis. The main thing for me right now is to separate Grace Park into its own, so I can more publicly share the URL without confusing the issue with my other craziness.

What I have now is in WordPress (free site and obviously, I’m a novice in WP). Looks really bad on mobile; at least tiny to my old eyes. Would like to have the option to allow editors in addition to me.

I really do appreciate anything you can do on this! Thanks. Bill is currently pointing (302) to a dozen pages that are a “subset” of my personal WordPress free site beginning with  (FYI we also have .info & .us domains registered). Individual pages/addresses are listed below. What I’d like to do is to separate these pages from my personal site and create a Grace Park presence.

Currently old-school sequential architecture which I think may be necessary to introduce folks to the idea. Roughly speaking:

Architecture included here to set direction and make sure we don’t close doors. At this point, my priority is to separate Grace Park into its own entity. 

In addition to keeping the above:

  • A moderated forum where people can share stories.
  • A forum where “Little Monument” ideas can be shared. For example: (and ONLY as examples, I’ve not talked with any of the folks!)
    • Transcripts for monument written and recorded by Boys & Girls Club with Firehouse Players.
    • An art class at ART 180 and Studio Two Three on designs for new monuments.
  • Events promoted, recorded. For example:
    • A workshop & picnic sponsored by First Baptist @ Stonewall Jackson monument.
    • City Curriculum on Racial Understanding, Empathy and Healing including the classes, events that are offered in RVA. (ConnectVA calendar)
  • Resource page with links to news articles, university resources, books, etc.



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