Paraphrasing my old friend Mark Twain, the account of my death is not exaggerated in the least. I’m dead. Dead and gone. Alas.

My apologies for being so blunt about it but well, facts are facts, dead is dead, and you’ve already heard the news or you wouldn’t be here now. Thank you so much for visiting my final resting place in cyberspace. No need to bring flowers; I’ve got that one covered, so to speak. I hope this brings back a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart. With deepest sincerity, it does my heart good to anticipate that one day friends will stop by, chat with each other and share stories about the time we

So welcome to my post-mortem blog. You’ll have to do most of the writing from here on out. For now, let’s begin with the old school “mixed tape” video I strung together as my last little goodbye. Just a few closing thoughts for y’all from your Uncle Willie.

Wishing You Peace, Love & Woodstock for all your days and nights.

∴  After you watch the video, odds are you’ll want to check out this
link to “Anything Goes” lyrics & meaning. (be sure to click on each stanza).
∴  Mr. Red Skelton not “Skeleton.” A good clip from a bad speller.

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