First they came for the immigrant children

It’s said that we’re all six degrees of separation from anyone else in the world. That being the case, will someone please forward this message to your Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram friend, U.S District Judge Dana Sabraw, United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

Dear Judge Sabraw,

The Trump administration has indicated that it will not be in compliance with your order to reunite 3000 children with their parents. The administration intends to violate your order on July 10 for children under 5 years of age; July 26 for children older than 5. (Latest news is that you’ll give the administration more time). As a old, white, male, native-born citizen of the United States, may I respectfully offer the following for your consideration.

Whereas Daffy Donald Trump (#FakePresident) initiated, authorized and continues to defend and enable the theft and separation of children from their parents;

Whereas these innocent children are not charged with any crime and their parents are typically charged with no more than a misdemeanor;

Whereas this administration has for the first time in our 242 year history mandated that a one-year-old child appear in a U.S. Court as a defendant without legal representation;

Whereas children have been haphazardly distributed to an unknown number of detention facilities across the U.S. with neither means nor methodology to maintain even a basic listing of child and parent’s names and locations;

Whereas this administration has restricted family visitation and telephone access to parent and child even when the whereabouts of both are known;

Whereas this administration has created heartless and unnecessary burdens such as requiring fingerprints of everyone in the household where mother and child will live once reunited;

Whereas this administration has prohibited the simple human decency to allow a detention center volunteer to hug and comfort a screaming crying child;

Whereas this administration lied about its role in creating this humanitarian disaster instead blaming previous administrations;

Whereas this administration purposely mislead the public by denying its ability to address the situation while blaming Congress before issuing an executive order to … well, we don’t actually know what effect this weasel-worded order will have;

Whereas journalists have been denied access to these detention centers simply to ensure that the basic needs of daily life (eg. diapers, medicine, clean clothing, baths, nourishment, exercise) are being provided (so much for the public’s right to know);

Whereas international humanitarian agencies (eg. International Red Cross, UNICEF, Amnesty International) have also not been permitted to tour these detention centers (a right afforded to prisoners of war);

Whereas the administration clearly never had a plan to reunite children and parents thereby demonstrating their indifference regarding the safety and welfare of our fellow human beings;

Whereas the individuals currently being abused are primary People of Color and whereas this administration has demonstrated through words and action a clear inclination favoring racial profiling and discrimination;

Whereas this administration has used these innocent little hostages as a bargaining chip to secure $250 billion in “wall money” from a feckless Congress simply to fulfil a xenophobic campaign promise;

Whereas this administration has gone so far as to change the meaning of words by claiming that “reunited with family” is synonymous with “long term adoption by strangers;”

And whereas, the Republic members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives have been largely silent in this matter and are therefore complicite in allowing this administration to destroy families.

Therefore we strongly urge the Court to mandate the following remedies:

Daffy Donald Trump (#FakePresident) shall personally (it’s his damn fault) pay one million dollars per child per day for every child not reunited with his or her parent. This shall be payable daily and not from some bogus Trump charity (see the Attorney General, State of New York, for additional information).

Monies received from these payments will be distributed by the Court to provide for the children’s needs, to expedite their return to their parents, and provide for ongoing physical and/or mental difficulties due to childhood incarceration trama. Clearly these activities are beyond the abilities of the Trump administration.

Any individuals and/or entities receiving such funds are expected to show their patriotism and love of our immigrant nation by cutting the price on your services to the bone.

A bill of particulars outlining this government abuse of children as well as it’s failure to honor international law and norms in terms of the right to seek asylum, will be presented to the appropriate international organizations for consideration.

Respectfully Yours,
A Citizen of the United States

“Make America America Again”

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