Bat Crap Crazy (a boob’s story)

Why is it that so many, not all, but so many of the so-called pro-life people are bat crap crazies when it comes to the 9 months between conception and birth … but don’t give a rat’s ass about putting children in cages and demanding mothers not breastfeed. No worries for not providing each and every child with a decent education, a loving home and clean water to drink. No need to ensure economically secure families with affordable healthcare, living in a safe neighborhood where they’ll not be shot.

Too much to ask for? Too expensive? Just don’t give a rip about those kids? Seriously, I know I’m off on a rant here, can’t help it, but when the headline is “U.S. opposes breastfeeding,” you know the whole damn country has gone bat crap crazy. What’s not to love? And you know the really sad part of the whole affair? Why, you may ask, does our government not want mothers breastfeeding? The truth of the matter is that “[t]he $70 billion infant formula industry has seen sales flatten in wealthy countries in recent years.” [] []

And now our man on the street interview to hear the “anti-breastfeeding” point of view:

“Oh my god, I was on the bus coming home from work today and oh my god, no shit, there was this woman sitting right there on the bus with her damn tittie hanging out. In front of God and everybody. Only problem was, there was a baby sucking on it. What the hell is the world coming to? Right there in front of the whole damn bus. Men, women, children, she didn’t care. I had to stop off early and go get a couple of beers at that new topless joint just to get the picture out of my head.”

Photo Source: Scary Mommy
Read More:
“Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution
by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials”

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