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Calling All Federal Judges

Is there a Federal Judge somewhere (Hawaii? Washington?) who can create an injunction to immediately prohibit the sale of so-called "bump stocks?" Before every f'ing crazy who can see himself in that hotel room goes out and buys a couple of dozen of them. Before he has even purchased the gd guns to modify. (Modify. … Continue reading Calling All Federal Judges

Little Monuments, 1946 – 2019

Little Monuments in Grace Park, Grace Park North ~ (Grace to Broad) Prince Edward Schools closed in "massive resistance" Schoolroom, flag in corner, ABC's over blackboard, Empty school desks. Richmond 34 Lunch counter, students on stools in handcuffs Jim Crow "White Only" "Colored Only" signs Loving vs. Virginia Bride & Groom. Include quote: "Tell the … Continue reading Little Monuments, 1946 – 2019

Little Monuments, 1861 – 1865

Little Monuments in Grace Park, Lee Circle Virginia secedes from Union Two flag poles. US flag 2/3 down, CSA flag 1/3 from top (not the battle flag) Evacuation of Richmond Woman running, carrying child, looking back over shoulder Robert E. Lee Memorial  (Existing Structure) Lee Surrenders Table, pens, paper, inkwell, hat. Two swords rest against table. … Continue reading Little Monuments, 1861 – 1865