Little Monuments, 1865 – 1945

  Little Monuments in Grace Park, Grace Park Central ~ (Monument to Grace) Military District No. 1 ends Table, carpetbag, newspaper headline "Occupation Ends!" The death of Robert E. Lee. Birth of "The Lost Cause." Alter with cap, sword, pistol, textbook with title "The Lost Cause" KKK march on Grace Street Two figures marching in parade … Continue reading Little Monuments, 1865 – 1945


Little Monuments, 1861 – 1865

Little Monuments in Grace Park, Lee Circle Virginia secedes from Union Two flag poles. US flag 2/3 down, CSA flag 1/3 from top (not the battle flag) Evacuation of Richmond Woman running, carrying child, looking back over shoulder Robert E. Lee Memorial  (Existing Structure) Lee Surrenders Table, pens, paper, inkwell, hat. Two swords rest against table. … Continue reading Little Monuments, 1861 – 1865

Civil Discourse 101

My latest hair-brained scheme that I'd like to see is for the University of California at Berkeley and Liberty University of Lynchburg to co-design, co-produce and co-present a speaker series on "Civil Discourse."  Traveling road show, from one campus to the other, with 4 or 5 stops across the country.