Made in America

The White House announced that this is "Made in America" week. It's also lying hypocrite week. How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list.  


Racial Storytelling 101

You need not do Great Things but the little things you are doing in your sphere of influence can be done with great conviction, great wisdom, great beauty and great love. The Little Monuments in Grace Park will tell the stories of the women and men that in simply living their lives day-to-day created the … Continue reading Racial Storytelling 101

Civil Discourse 101

My latest hair-brained scheme that I'd like to see is for the University of California at Berkeley and Liberty University of Lynchburg to co-design, co-produce and co-present a speaker series on "Civil Discourse."  Traveling road show, from one campus to the other, with 4 or 5 stops across the country.

In the event you absolutely must call someone a son of a bitch …

My great aunt Cora Lee was Southern Lady, through and through, and one of the most naturally witty people I've known. She could coax a funny story out of anything and craft a parable from most of her stories. Prim and proper, like all of the ladies of her generation, with youthful memories of "The … Continue reading In the event you absolutely must call someone a son of a bitch …