A Pattern Language

A Pattern Language is the “the soul” “the bible” “the blueprint” for any Centresa project that touches the ground. Any thought given to Village, Storefront or Community Centre must be viewed through the lens and the prism of A Pattern Language. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction is a 1977 book on architecture, urban design, and community … Continue reading A Pattern Language


Community Builder

Community Builder is our online “learning, sharing, networking, advocacy” centre. Here is where the call to action is answered. Having come forth with a plethora of principles and beliefs, products and services, the roots of a grassroots company that loves to experiment … here we begin building and growing the online community that will accomplish their goals. … Continue reading Community Builder

A Grassroots Company

Centresa believes in Democratic Corporate Structures; Fair & Equitable Commerce; Respect for the Natural Environment; and Harmony between Belief & Action. Our structures and processes are created by the people who do the work. As a Utopian Community, we are encouraged to experiment, learn, change, improve and quickly move forward. “What If?” and “Why Not?” are front … Continue reading A Grassroots Company

Celebrating the Power of Community with Harmony between Belief & Action

Centresa is a collaborative association of small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, learners and advocates. We believe in our individual businesses and charitable causes. We believe in cooperation and collaboration in service of the larger community. We believe that change begins within each of us and that as we grow, we change our community. We are nonpolitical and … Continue reading Celebrating the Power of Community with Harmony between Belief & Action