The Money Finders

Blessed are The Money Finders for thou shalt keep us in business. Know every nook-and-cranny where money may be found Banks, donors, sponsors, corporations, grants, magic beans Find money on behalf of Centresa (our own money needs), member businesses and nonprofits Work with institutions that demonstrate and promote social responsibility in their dealings with people … Continue reading The Money Finders

Commercial Services

Products & services marketed by Centresa and available thru Centresa media channels Group purchasing power, combining small business & nonprofit purchases Access to legal and financial resources and affiliates; paid in bulk IT, computer support and training via affiliates; in person & online (can purchase live classes and online support on anything from anywhere in … Continue reading Commercial Services


In the same spirit of the centers that provided services for start-up companies (e.g. “New Visions, New Ventures,” SCORE, the new place that just opened in Hanover), Centresa provides services to grassroots campaigns. This will include offering classes and coaching services for grassroots organizers. We will offer our classrooms (rental) for their use. We could also … Continue reading Campaigns


Centresa will offer retail and service spaces to like-minded businesses. These should be small, mom-and-pop type businesses that will appeal to our target audiences for other Centresa products and services. Businesses could include personal services (chiropractic, therapeutic massage), legal aid services, socially responsible investing, as well as retail (handmade jewelry, stained glass, gifts, etc.). There should be … Continue reading Shops


The Village will offer a variety of retail shops and services that contribute to the ideals of a progressive life. These could include such stores as a vegetarian restaurant, a handmade jewelry store, glass blowing, natural clothing, an environmental store, a chiropractor, massage, a yoga studio … to name a few. Would also like to … Continue reading Retail