One Small Planet

"One Small Planet" is the EcoStore at the Village. Along with the "Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant" and the "Hello, World! Media Center", it's the third "anchor" in the Retail/Service component of the Village. Ideally, "One Small Planet" will be in a restored/renovated barn or existing outbuilding on our mythical farm. The Old Virginia Farmhouse Restaurant" … Continue reading One Small Planet


Penny Candy

Penny Candy What the heck is Penny Candy? Only if you are of a certain age -- or you've been paying attention to your grandparent's stories like good little children -- do you know that once upon a time, penny candy was sold in stores; one little treat, a jawbreaker or licorice stick, one penny … Continue reading Penny Candy

“Hello, World” Media Centre

The front door opened to a spacious, well lit room filled with computers, large video displays, sets designed for recording single and group discussions, several tables arranged in classroom row style facing various displays ... and people. Lots of people, some staring intently at monitors, others plopped on a overstuffed sofa and chairs, some planning … Continue reading “Hello, World” Media Centre

Farm Fresh

They decided -- because they couldn't decide -- on the family-style sampler dinner. It was delicious! Local food suppliers, natural products, environmentally sensitive processes. Alex toyed with the "table tablet's" stories and videos of the farmer who'd grown their salad in Goochland. Alex: Hey, look at this, Farmer Goochland has an "in season, Saturday & … Continue reading Farm Fresh