Calling All Federal Judges

Is there a Federal Judge somewhere (Hawaii? Washington?) who can create an injunction to immediately prohibit the sale of so-called "bump stocks?" Before every f'ing crazy who can see himself in that hotel room goes out and buys a couple of dozen of them. Before he has even purchased the gd guns to modify. (Modify. … Continue reading Calling All Federal Judges


My Mythical, Magical Senator

My mythical, magical senator was being interviewed on a news show this morning. When asked about the latest and greatest, most destructive, tweet of the moment, came the response: "The clown show at the White House was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow. Ignore them for just one day, okay? I have no earthly … Continue reading My Mythical, Magical Senator


I'm thinking of writing a political column and the first thing I had to do was add "WTF" to the dictionary. I'll resist adding similar words -- what we labeled "expletive deleted" back in Dick Nixon's day -- but you know, with the Clown in Charge, it's gonna be tough as shit all the way around. … Continue reading WTF

Hey, you know, not for nothing … 3 freakin’ million more votes, okay?

Yes, I understand the Electoral College and yes, I admit he won the EC. But don't give me this mandate crap or the "this is what the American people want" bullshit. No. Do not. Three, count 'em, almost three million more people voted for Secretary Clinton than Mr. Trump. Facts. Pesky goddamn facts. So yes, … Continue reading Hey, you know, not for nothing … 3 freakin’ million more votes, okay?