An Avenue on the Horns of a Dilemma

We can neither hold to the Confederate memorials on Monument Avenue any more than we can let go of the century old bronze statues that define "The City of Monuments". It is the classic "horns of a dilemma" to which we hold -- neither alternative provides any satisfaction as you and the bull whose horns you're … Continue reading An Avenue on the Horns of a Dilemma

Technology @ Mount Vernon

Doing new work in new ways. Just like we've always done. “Technology @ Mount Vernon” is a combination of needs analysis, branding strategy and communication techniques prepared for the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. The Association was in the process of hiring a Director of Media and Technology as well as planning for the Fred W. … Continue reading Technology @ Mount Vernon

Content Management System

Project: Design, Code & Implement CMS at University of Richmond Description: In-house creation and implementation of a Content Management System (CMS) at the University of Richmond. According to the University's metrics for the 2007-08 academic year, the CMS we created provided the tools for 185 editors to easily maintain 125 unique University web sites. (Source: … Continue reading Content Management System

Northstar Academy website

Project: Northstar Academy Website Design Description: Northstar Academy is a private, non-profit, K-12 school located in Richmond, Virginia for students with learning challenges. GIC, a web solutions company, was approached to evaluate marketing efforts and redesign their web presence. Problem: Enrollment was declining. Although Northstar's retention rate - both students and teachers - was outstanding, getting the … Continue reading Northstar Academy website