Religious Education (cent RE sa)

We believe there are many paths to God because God is within each of us. As Carl Gustav Jung said: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens." Ten Teachings Shared by All Religions One God God is Everywhere The Existence of the Soul God is Inside Us Spiritual Knowledge is Available to Everyone God’s … Continue reading Religious Education (cent RE sa)


Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)

Taking care of the earth is a fulltime job and must include each and every venue in which we spend our lives – home, church, schools, places of business. Environmental stewardship includes what we eat, how we dress, where we spend our money. There is no aspect of our lives that is excluded from our responsibilities … Continue reading Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)

Village Facilities

Classrooms & Workshop Spaces 2-3 small classrooms Larger workshop area Presentation area for larger groups Flexible configurations Very comfortable; see APL for guidelines & ideas Media Center Media studio where content is recorded, edited, etc. Interview & news cast production space Produces websites, social media, marketing efforts, etc. High tech – specific light, sound, temperature … Continue reading Village Facilities

Network of Learning

Work with nonprofits and small businesses to develop learning opportunities and learning environments throughout community Find companies to host classes at their locations; sponsor classes and/or student expenses in return for media recognition Lots of field trips and meet-ups to any number of local businesses, government offices, farms, factories, museums, historic sites, natural environments "Instead … Continue reading Network of Learning