Village Facilities

Classrooms & Workshop Spaces 2-3 small classrooms Larger workshop area Presentation area for larger groups Flexible configurations Very comfortable; see APL for guidelines & ideas Media Center Media studio where content is recorded, edited, etc. Interview & news cast production space Produces websites, social media, marketing efforts, etc. High tech – specific light, sound, temperature … Continue reading Village Facilities


Marketing & Media Services

Provides media and marketing services to member businesses and nonprofits; economies of scale stressed Create sites, Facebook pages, etc. Teach classes & workshops in maintaining media content Access to Media Center to produce video, youTube, etc. Market small businesses thru Centresa online resources; feature products and services on sites Market nonprofits thru online resources; supply … Continue reading Marketing & Media Services

University as a Marketplace

Develop and teach classes & workshops on diverse subjects Encourage associations & networking throughout workshops Provide online access for additional information & advocacy opportunities Provide learning & media centers for small businesses and nonprofit DIY'ers Produce guidebooks, resources, class material, online content Classes taught at Centresa and throughout the community "Establish the university as a … Continue reading University as a Marketplace