Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)

Taking care of the earth is a fulltime job and must include each and every venue in which we spend our lives – home, church, schools, places of business. Environmental stewardship includes what we eat, how we dress, where we spend our money. There is no aspect of our lives that is excluded from our responsibilities … Continue reading Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)


Kitchen Studio

The wine arrived. Alex and Taylor had visited the vineyard up in Northern Virginia the previous weekend. This particular wine had become a quick favorite. (All wine and beer in the restaurant is Virginian. Great draft beer selection. -yhn) Alex: To new friends! All: Here, here. Happy days! I'll drink to that. Look out lips … Continue reading Kitchen Studio

Village Prototype

Centresa is creating an environment in which we will build the… University as a Marketplace (Pattern #43) Creating a “community university” where individuals teach their work, their experiences and their passions to other individuals; with the intention of creating… A School for Community Activism Where people design and teach the classes they need to become … Continue reading Village Prototype


The Village will offer a variety of retail shops and services that contribute to the ideals of a progressive life. These could include such stores as a vegetarian restaurant, a handmade jewelry store, glass blowing, natural clothing, an environmental store, a chiropractor, massage, a yoga studio … to name a few. Would also like to … Continue reading Retail