Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)

Taking care of the earth is a fulltime job and must include each and every venue in which we spend our lives – home, church, schools, places of business. Environmental stewardship includes what we eat, how we dress, where we spend our money. There is no aspect of our lives that is excluded from our responsibilities … Continue reading Environmental Stewardship (centr ES a)


Village Prototype

Centresa is creating an environment in which we will build the… University as a Marketplace (Pattern #43) Creating a “community university” where individuals teach their work, their experiences and their passions to other individuals; with the intention of creating… A School for Community Activism Where people design and teach the classes they need to become … Continue reading Village Prototype


The Village will offer a variety of retail shops and services that contribute to the ideals of a progressive life. These could include such stores as a vegetarian restaurant, a handmade jewelry store, glass blowing, natural clothing, an environmental store, a chiropractor, massage, a yoga studio … to name a few. Would also like to … Continue reading Retail