Village Features

Some of the many features of Centresa Village that represent harmony between belief and action. Center Commons Open spaces where people can congregate, sit, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. An old fashioned little carousel where kids can ride for free. Schoolhouse Roof Solar panels on roof. Green completely – grass, plants, areas to sit … Continue reading Village Features


Workshop Structure

What makes Centresa workshops and classes unlike any other. Setting of the classes – that is to say, the physical environment – is critical to the success of the Centresa model. From the moment the attendee enters the Village, he or she is aware of being in an environment that is different from his/her day-to-day. There … Continue reading Workshop Structure

Workshops, Classes, Seminars

Centresa will design and present workshops, classes and seminars in person, online, on demand. In addition, space will be available for like-minded individuals/groups to lease. There will be several high-tech classrooms (different resources and seating capacities). Centresa both presents our own classes as well as renting the rooms to like-minded individuals, organizations and communities. Having attended 3 … Continue reading Workshops, Classes, Seminars

Network of Learning

Work with nonprofits and small businesses to develop learning opportunities and learning environments throughout community Find companies to host classes at their locations; sponsor classes and/or student expenses in return for media recognition Lots of field trips and meet-ups to any number of local businesses, government offices, farms, factories, museums, historic sites, natural environments "Instead … Continue reading Network of Learning

University as a Marketplace

Develop and teach classes & workshops on diverse subjects Encourage associations & networking throughout workshops Provide online access for additional information & advocacy opportunities Provide learning & media centers for small businesses and nonprofit DIY'ers Produce guidebooks, resources, class material, online content Classes taught at Centresa and throughout the community "Establish the university as a … Continue reading University as a Marketplace